Who We Are

We are a unique law firm, born out of a commitment to excellence.

With offices in the Twin Cities and Sioux Falls, we have the resources to deliver a broad base of services to Clients, both small and large.

Each of our partners contributes an important part of our collective experience. Our partners come from diverse backgrounds, including farming, ministry, public service, and information technology. But even as a unique team of partners, we remain committed to basic, and fundamental values: dedication, service, and transparency. We are honored by each Client who entrusts us to tell their story.

Jim Hovland infuses our firm with a tradition of integrity and high level of professional and public service.  He brings over four decades of legal experience, including broad litigation and business acumen. He has substantial experience in transportation matters, and he is sought out for his expertise in real estate development, public policy, and community outreach. As an advocate, he crafts innovative solutions and helps our Clients succeed. His colleagues and Clients alike appreciate his approachable and collaborative style.

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Dan Rasmus is known for being meticulous and determined. He endows our firm with its ambition to find creative answers to complex legal issues. He is a trial attorney with a strong civil litigation practice, and he recognizes that “we meet people at both challenging and interesting times in their lives, and generally when they have a problem to solve.” He also provides counsel on a broad spectrum of issues to entrepreneurs, small- and mid-sized businesses, nonprofits, and estates. Our Clients value his dependable and collaborative partnership, as well as his high degree of integrity.

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I’m a South Dakota trial lawyer, raised on a hog farm near Lennox. My cases tend to involve corporate wrongdoing (such as insurance companies that lie or deny claims); science (such as whether someone had the mental capacity to execute a Will or Trust); or technical aspects (like engineering and construction litigation). I also regularly sue public entities that refuse to pay their fair share.

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